Southern Pacific

Northern Louisiana, which covers some 200 mi (320 km) of forested, rolling hills between Texas and Mississippi, is a far cry from the Cajun fun of the southern half of the state. A Baptist-dominated Bible Belt heartland, it’s also a diverse place—part heavily industrial, part poor rural backwater, with a mix of people and products that encapsulates its transitional position between the agricultural Deep South and the petrochemical plants of Texas.

The main city here is the oil town of Shreveport, which has recently become a prime place for gamblers, with flashy casinos lining the riverfront. However, you’ll mostly find small towns ranging from Gibsland (where Bonnie and Clyde met their doom) to the college town of Ruston (home to Louisiana Tech University).

Map of the Southern Pacific Route through Louisiana

Map of Southern Pacific through Louisiana.
Map of Southern Pacific through Louisiana.

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