Border To Border

At I-80, US-93 becomes the hypotenuse of an alternate route, which runs for 60 miles southeast to the Utah border at Wendover, then another 60 miles southwest to rejoin the main US-93 at Lages Station. Wendover, like Jackpot, is a bustling border town, with golf course-view subdivisions and at least five major casino-hotels drawing gamblers from Salt Lake City, 120 miles to the east.

Wendover’s other claims to fame include Wendover Will, the more than 60-foot-tall neon cowboy who welcomes you to Nevada along the Utah state line; the Bonneville Salt Flats and speedway, where most of the world’s early land-speed records were set; and Wendover Air Force Base, where in 1945 the crew of the Enola Gay trained to drop an atomic bomb on Japan.