Border To Border

From the Canadian border, US-93 runs south and east along the Tobacco River Valley, then cuts through the Flathead National Forest to the logging and ski resort towns of Whitefish and Kalispell.

Continuing south along the shores of Flathead Lake, the route passes through the college town and cultural nexus of Missoula, south of which US-93 passes through some of the most beautiful terrain in the country, winding through broad valleys at the foot of the Bitterroot Mountains, past alpine lakes and snowcapped peaks all the way south to the Idaho border.

Quite a lot of the old two-lane route has been upgraded to near-freeway status, but US-93 is still one of either country’s great drives.

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Travel Map of the Border to Border Route through Montana

Map of Border to Border route through Montana.
Map of Border to Border route through Montana.