The Oregon Trail

One of Wyoming’s most significant collections of petroglyphs, Legend Rock State Petroglyph Site contains over 300 images dating back some 2,000 to 10,000 years, carved into sandstone cliffs in the oil-rich foothills of the Owl Creek Mountains. Legend Rock is administered by Hot Springs State Park (538 N. Park St.) in Thermopolis. A series of road signs make the petroglyphs pretty easy to find. That said, getting there requires a serious investment of time and attention. Follow US-120 for 21 miles from Thermopolis, or 33 miles from Meeteetse, then turn south at the Hamilton Dome turnoff and follow the dirt road for 8.5 miles. You will arrive at an unforgettable scene: High above Cottonwood Creek, hundreds of images cover a 400-meter long sandstone wall, connecting contemporary visitors with the ancestors of the Shoshone people who lived here millennia ago.