Route 66

The town of Groom (pop. 565), which is 45 miles east of Amarillo on the north side of I-40 at exit 113, holds two of the more eye-catching sights along old Route 66. One of these is a water tower on the north side of I-40 that leans like the Tower of Pisa, causing drivers to stop and rub their eyes, then stop and pull out the camera to take some snapshots to show the folks back home. The other landmark is even harder to miss, a gigantic stainless steel cross—just shy of 200 feet tall and weighing 1.25 tons. This was the largest cross in the western hemisphere until a competitive copycat erected a slightly taller one along I-70 in Effingham, Illinois. Erected by a religious group in 1995, the Groom cross stands above a series of sculptures depicting biblical scenes and the evils of abortion.