The Great Northern Route

The sprawling Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana’s second largest, stretches for nearly 100 miles along US-2, and for 50 miles north. Although it is home to 6,800 Assiniboine and Yanktonai Sioux people, it is mostly owned by nonnatives as a result of unscrupulous land dealings encouraged by the 1887 Dawes Act. Wolf Point, the reservation’s largest town (and location of the only Amtrak station for miles!), is also the site of the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Center (218 3rd Ave. S., 406/653-3800) and home to cafés and taverns like the Missouri Breaks Brewing Company (326 Main St., 406/653-1467), where you can get a range of fresh-brewed micro beers. There are a few motels, including Sherman Inn (200 E. Main St., 406/653-1100, $8 and up), which has clean rooms and a decent restaurant.

Another 55 miles east of Wolf Point down US-2, nearly at the North Dakota border, Culbertson (pop. 714) is a quiet town with a disproportionate number of farm-implement and feed dealers. Located a mile east of town, the Montana Visitor Center (406/787-6320) houses a good local history museum.