The Road To Nowhere

Standing out against the badlands of western North Dakota, the world’s largest collection of roadside statuary enlivens an otherwise unexciting swath of the northern Great Plains. Standing along a quiet country road outside the town of Regent (pop. 160), some 32 miles south of I-94 exit 72, the unexpected visual delights of the Enchanted Highway have earned it a place in Guinness World Records as the World’s Largest Scrap Metal Sculpture, as well as in the hearts of many a long-distance road-tripper. Created beginning in 1989 by former schoolteacher and self-taught metal sculptor Gary Greff, these are some of the largest works of art in the world—a flock of geese reaches over 100 feet into the air, while the Tin Family stands some 45 feet tall along the roadside. The Enchanted Highway is, well, simply enchanting, and definitely worth the detour.