Border To Border

The I-80 town of Wells is situated at the northeastern base of the splendidly scenic East Humboldt Range. To get into these rugged, glacier-scraped mountains, head briefly west from Wells on I-80 to exit 351, from where Hwy-231 runs 12 miles south and west, climbing to about 8,400 feet before terminating at alluring Angel Lake. For details on the abundance of hiking, camping, and outdoor recreation hereabouts, contact the U.S. Forest Service ranger station (140 Pacific Ave., 775/752-3357) at the west end of Wells.

Continuing down US-93 affords a different view of the East Humboldts. Ten miles south of Wells, you can head west on Hwy-232, which makes a 14-mile loop through luxuriant Clover Valley at the eastern base of the mountains, one of the most bucolic basins in Nevada. About halfway along is a turn leading west up into Week’s Creek Canyon. Look up to see Hole-in-the-Mountain Peak (11,300 feet). The tallest peak in the East Humboldts, it features a 30-by-25-foot natural window in the thin rock 300 feet below its summit, which gives you a spectacular little patch of blue (or silver, orange, or purple, depending on the time of day) right through the top of the range.