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  Maryland, the most oddly shaped of the lower 48 states, shares the broad “DelMarVa” peninsula with Delaware and a small piece of Virginia. The inland area along the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay, with its many inlets and tributary rivers, is filled with dozens of small colonial-era towns and fishing villages, while the Atlantic Coast is completely taken up by two very different beasts: the gloriously kitschy beach resort of Ocean City and the untrammelled wilds of Assateague Island National Seashore. Heading inland around Assateague, the highway passes by a number of historic small towns, including Berlin and captivating Snow Hill.

Running west from Ocean City across the Eastern Shore, and across the country to California is the US-50 route, the Loneliest Road in America.

Atlantic Coast: Wildwood, Delaware to Pocomoke CIty, Maryland map

Atlantic Coast Route Detail: Wildwood, Delaware to Pocomoke CIty, Maryland

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